2024 Rehoboth Beach - Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce
and Visitors Center Board of Directors
 Vince DiFonzo 2022 WEB

Vince DiFonzo, Chairman of the Board
TKo Hospitality Management

Executive Board: Susan Townley-Wood (1st Chair);
Ben Gray (2nd Chair); Chris Rausch (3rd Chair);
Carrie Lingo (Immediate Past Chairwoman)

Full Board: Jay Becker, Drew DiFonzo, Vince DiFonzo, Mike Dickinson, Carol Everhart, Ben Gray,
Susan Kehoe, Bill Klemkowski, Carrie Lingo, Dale Lomas, Keith Martin,
Steve Montgomery, Chris Rausch, Mitch Resnick, Wm. Jack Riddle, Kelly Stevenson, Rachel Webster,
Chris Weeks, Kay Wheatley, Susan Townley-Wood and Kay Young