Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) has been working closely with the public to slow the spread of the spotted lanternfly (SLF) since its introduction to Delaware in 2017. This exotic insect is a destructive fruit pest, that threatens Delaware agriculture and forests. All life stages of SLF can be easily and unknowingly shipped in or on trucks, trailers, cargo, plant material, and many other organic or inorganic material. Because of the high risk of spread, DDA has placed a quarantine on New Castle and Kent County to regulate the movement of SLF life stages for business traveling in or out of the quarantine zones.

DDA now requires a permit for businesses moving supplies in and/ or out of quarantine zones.  To obtain a permit, please visit and look for the “quarantine and permitting” link. You or a designee will be asked to take the SLF training and test and agree to train all employees on how to slow the spread. All proof of employee training and inspections of cargo, and transportation modes traveling in or out of the quarantine must be kept for a minimum of two years.

For more information/ questions contact Katie Bielicki, Spotted Lanternfly Project Coordinator at (302)698-4588 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.