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Scooter Information

NEW - City of Rehoboth Beach Scooter Parking Program
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Permit Required!  Step Through Chasssis Moped/Motorized Scooter (pictured above)

scooterskateboardmm     skateboardmm

NO permit required!  Skateboard Scooter & Skateboard (pictured above)

 NEW - City of Rehoboth Beach Scooter Parking Program

You will find below the new scooter parking program information for 2013 as released by the City of Rehoboth Beach.  Several Chamber members have requested clarification of the wording in section 92-241 of the City Ordinance which refers only to skateboards and skateboard scooters.  A skateboard and skateboard scooter is defined as a low, narrow flat board made of wood or other material with a wheel or wheels at each end and a raised handlebar for steering and is not allowed in various places, including Rehoboth Avenue.  To clarify, ALL STEP THROUGH CHASSIS, MOPEDS AND SCOOTERS ARE ALLOWED ON ALL CITY STREETS.

City of Rehoboth Beach - New Scooter Parking Program for 2013



City of Rehoboth Beach
229 Rehobo
th Avenue • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971
-6181 •

What is a Scooter?

  • Scooter has 2 wheels;
  • Step-through chassis;
  • Powered by a motor.


Scooter Permits and Parking 

  • Scooters must have a permit to park on City Streets, except at a parking meter.
  • Scooters may NOT park on sidewalks or the boardwalk, or at bicycle racks or stations.
  • Permits are available at the Parking Meter Division behind City Hall for $40.00.
  • Scooters with permits may park in locations designed/marked as “Scooter Only” such as:  Ends of most beach blocks and on Baltimore & Wilmington Avenues; Parking lot near the Senior Center on Christian Street; Behind the Fire Station on Rehoboth Avenue.
  • Scooters with permits may park on residential streets in permit parking areas.
  • Scooters without permits may park at meters and must pay meter fees.
  • Parking fines will be the same as for cars.


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