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Delaware's Plastic Carryout Bag Ban in Effect
as of July 1, 2022
Inspections Are Being Conducted and Violations Issued

The Delaware General Assembly passed this law in June 2021. DNREC encourages customers to bring their own bag into stores so they have the bag they prefer to use. It is up to individual stores to decide what type of bag they will offer. They may offer reusable bags, or paper bags or they may decide not to provide bags for customers at all. Plastic film bags, regardless of thickness, are no longer allowed. All retail stores in Delaware are affected by the change. Restaurants are not subject to the ban. The law allows retail stores to charge a fee for the bags they provide at point of sale but does not require it.

NOTE: Unused inventory can be donated to restaurants (not impacted by law) and to non-profits (i.e. Goodwill, etc.) or those not selling items (Food Banks, etc.)

Delaware’s Plastic Carryout Bag Ban:

FAQ for Retail Stores:
Plastic Carryout Bag Ban and FAQs At-Store Recycling Program: