Check out the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) website for up to date information on the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

The Indian River Inlet Bridge is one of the first cable stay bridges to use LED lighting technology and will offer substantial IRIB.Photo1energy cost savings for the bridge lighting.  Below are some interesting details regarding the blue lights.

How many light are installed?

  • There are 76 low-wattage (55 watt) LED lights illuminating the stay cables. 
  • An additional 16 LED fixtures (4 each pylon) illuminate the outside faces of the pylons.
  • A total of 92 lights


Why are they blue?

  • A blue lens was added to soften the lighting, reduce glare, and minimize any impacts to migratory birds that can become disoriented in the more traditional bright white lights.
  • The lighting color also helps to maintain the blue stay cable bridge theme.

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