Ladies Only Psychic Parlour Party with Jon Stetson

Ladies Only Psychic Parlour Party with Jon Stetson

From March 03, 2024 2:00 pm until March 03, 2024 4:00 pm

At Dickens Parlour Theatre

Posted by Kate VanVorst


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Jon Stetson will guide you on a journey into the worlds of both Psyche & Spirit. It's fun to get a psychic reading, but it's more fun to learn that YOU'RE psychic too! The "Ladies Only Psychic Party" is a brand new, fun-filled experience where we will Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn! You will be enthralled by new demonstrations of Jon's unique brand of psychic entertainment. However, that is just the beginning! You will be enthralled as Jon guides you on a journey through the veil into the world of both psychic and spirit! You will be empowered to understand and further develop your own psychic skills. Participants will, indeed, amaze themselves and discover their unlimited potential. Jon will introduce you to "The Jewel," awakening your intuition. It is his secret to happiness and the key to unlimited energy! The event will conclude with a seldom-seen demonstration of "Crystal Gazing" Gallery reading! Join us for an unforgettable program of psychic fun. Together we will create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. *All Performances subject to change. Please join us for lunch and get your seat!


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