To Water’s Edge and Back: Works by Edward Loper, Jr.

To Water’s Edge and Back: Works by Edward Loper, Jr.

From February 25, 2024 10:00 am until February 25, 2024 4:00 pm

At Rehoboth Art League

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The Rehoboth Art League is pleased to present an exhibition of the artwork of Edward L. Loper, Jr., a self-taught Delaware artist who created a unique perspective in the Loper tradition. From January 5 to March 10, Loper, Jr.’s exhibition “To Water’s Edge and Back” will hang in the Tubbs Gallery. The show features work that represents the most complete display of Loper, Jr.’s paintings and captures the artist’s journeys along the East Coast. Mr. Loper’s exhibiting artworks harness the subdued nature of large bodies of water and their surrounding areas. Soft blues and quiet reds accompanied by strong angular shapes mirror the meditative force near any shore. He also draws our attention to the stark contrast of living further inland. Paintings of bold outlines, complex structures, and even characters appear. It is a vivid reminder that life is a journey of ebbs and flows between self and the greater collective.

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